The Deadly Toys is the 12th episode of the second season

The Deadly Toys
Knocked out
Season 2, Episode 212
Vital statistics
Air date December 30 1977
Written by Anne Collins, Carey Wilber
Directed by Dick Moder
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Mind Stealers From Outer Space-Part 2 Light Fingered Lady

While Christmas is getting near, A formal major and a toymaker are making android versions of the three main scientist of the XYZ project. The real scientists are then switched with the androids, while the real ones are to be shipped out of the country. An android double of Wonder Woman is also built by the toymaker. When she investigates, Diana Prince is injected by a toy butterfly and faints. Later she recovers and transforms into Wonder Woman, however she is confronted by the android and Wonder Woman is seemingly knocked unconscious.

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