Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman island is
Wonder Woman
Vital statistics
Position Paradise Island
Age Around 2527
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.75m
Weight 122-130lbs

Wonder Woman is the main protagonist of the show and is also the alter ego to Diana Prince. She is portrayed by Lynda Carter.

Appearance Edit

Wonder Woman's appearance changes slightly throughout the seasons. Most notably between seasons 2 and 3. In season 2 her hair is clearly a wig and is poofy and curly like. In season 3 its simply straight and long. Her costume only makes minor changes. She has a red and slightly gold coloured outfit with blue panties with white stars. She always wears a golden tiara but sometimes in the show, is seen using it as a boomerang.

Powers Edit

Wonder Woman has many powers. Wonder Woman has a magical belt. While wearing it outside of Paradise Island, she is able to keep her super strength. This gives her enough strength to lift grown men and move a plane. She carries a magical lasso of truth which whenever someone becomes caught in it, they must tell the truth. Her magical bracelets allow her to dodge bullets.

Weaknesses Edit

Wonder Woman may be much more powerful than Diana Prince, but isn't invunerablee. Her Magic belt can be removed and when done so, she is powerless. Her lasso does work on her but has shown to not work on one ocassionn when she tried to use it on Bryce. Wonder Woman can still be knocked Unconcious. Chloroform has been used on her and at the same time displays that she can be overpowered by men. And very notably, Sleeping gas has been used on her in Wonder Woman form and has succeeded in knocking her unconcious on episodes like Judgement From Outer Space Part 1 and The Murderous Missile where George knocked her in the face with gas and almost immediately she was knocked out.

Relationships Edit

Major Steve Trevor: In season 1, Wonder Woman fell in love with steve. While they never became a couple, there were many implications that she liked him and the same went for him. They nevrr kissed and never usually got very close to each other with the exception of one moment in Judgement From Outer Space part 1 when the gas was still taking its toll on her and it appeared that she was going to collapse. But Steve held her hands and supported her on himself and while this was brief, it was a strong implication that they had strong feelings for each other. In seasons 2 and 3 this vanished as Steve died and wonder woman didn't feel the same way about Steve Jr.

Trivia Edit

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